I’ve lived long enough to know that whatever you teach you will be learning within like 24 hours. So, if you’re trying to teach someone about compassion, be ready to ante up some compassion right quick. The Universe takes you at your word and says, “Oh, yeah?”
Having said that, I still continue sharing this post.

Here goes to all us creators of one kind or another:

Two words…I have two words for you and myself. These are words that I want us to burn into our consciousness. These are two words that should be on your mind first thing in the morning when you awake and then all through the day as you go about your routine. When you see something that you know has your name all over it, whether it’s a chore, a pair of gorgeous shoes on sale, an idea, a new job, an undiscovered park, a new route to work, a person who could use your help or expertise or smile. Whatever! These are the words I want you to remember. They are words that will change you life. Are you ready?

“Right now.” That’s it. Nothing more. “Right now.”

Those two words can change your life. If there’s anything you’re dreaming of becoming, of doing, of having, of achieving, of sharing or giving…right now. Those are the words that you should repeat to yourself whenever you find yourself putting off efforts, projects, phone calls, emails, visits, prayer, quiet time, meditation, joy, laughter..

How many times have I practically fallen over a great idea and not followed up on it. “I’ll check it out later this month when I get a break,” I tell myself . And the idea passes undone for someone else to make a load of money on, get credit for or change the world or their community. Or even worse, the idea never gets done and brought to fruition.

Or how many times have I thought of someone and put off calling them for days, weeks only to discover later that a call from a friend would have lightened their load back then. Or when have I not returned a phone call and lost an opportunity to promote my books, my ideas, my business, my name, my friends?

You know what happened? I didn’t do it RIGHT NOW!!!

For some reason, perhaps because procrastination is so comfortable to human nature, doing things RIGHT NOW is a challenging lesson to learn. Yet it is one that can be life-changing once we get a handle on it and find ourselves facing, handling, doing things RIGHT NOW.

That’s how this post got shared.